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The Spawn fandom is nearly nonexistent and it really bothers me. The series lead the dawning of an age where creators could independently own and copyright their own creations, and the Spawn license was used to innovate toys into being taken seriously, going from plastic playthings to posable, detailed collector’s items. The art was amazing and the story was a rather fresh premise that allowed it to go anywhere in time. It had a damn good animated series as well that was so violent it was on HBO at midnight.

Posted on Monday, 21 July


Animated cover of Batman the new 52 #4 

The evil Owls of evilness.
Quick one before bedtime.

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The Magnificent Seven

Pencils by Jim Lee

Inks and Colors by J-Skipper

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this is my favorite post of all time

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Posted on Saturday, 12 July

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a huge ramones fan, they mean more to me than any band before them or after, to hear the last of the original line up is gone is a giant bummer. wherever they are is where I wanna go when I die, with joe Strummer, Lou reed, and Darby crash, its probably a dingy ass bar and it’d be perfect, I’m gonna chant ramones songs all day now. #rip #ramones #tommy

Posted on Thursday, 10 July

Fucken drawing ideas for a tattoo, hopefully nobody in alkaline trio sees this and gets upset and kills me, though that would make a good song. #drawing #epic #idea #alkalinetrio

Posted on Thursday, 10 July